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Saturday October 30, 2004

More layoff rumours

Once again, all of these via f'

  • AOL allegedly is "preparing for large layoffs in November or December, up to 25% of their staff in tech, possibly up to 30% in the call centers. Rumored plans to outsource work to India".

  • IBM allegedly is "letting the last of the Rational Software group people go by the end of the year".

  • Dun & Bradstreet will "lay off 160 in Bethlehem, PA. Firm is moving jobs overseas." This guy decided to call in bomb threats after they laid him off (never a good idea).

  • EDS offers early retirement to folks in order to cut cost, while simultaneously saying they are going to train 20K programmers. I wonder where they are going to find all those programmers..

07:57 am
Saturday October 30, 2004
posted by gmminks

Friday October 29, 2004

GO VOTE TUES will tell you where you need to go to vote.

07:10 pm
Friday October 29, 2004
posted by gmminks

Thursday October 28, 2004

The Globe put it best................


Pigs can fly, hell is frozen, the slipper finally fits,
and Impossible Dreams really can come true.

The Red Sox have won the World Series

06:41 am
Thursday October 28, 2004
posted by gmminks

Quantum outsourcing R&D to India

Quantum, a company that makes backup tapes & sysems, is outsourcing their core R&D to Wipro in India.

Their corportate headquarters is in San Jose, CA.

What's weird is it looks like they outsource most of their business.....another company sells their SNAP NAS devices, and yet another sells their hard drives.

06:39 am

posted by gmminks

Wednesday October 27, 2004

just to change the subject a bit.....


07:02 pm
Wednesday October 27, 2004
posted by gmminks

Press on the Kerry H1B/L1 position

Asia CNet

"In addition, Kerry calls for reforming the controversial H-1B and L-1 visa programs, which have been accused of fueling the offshore trend. For instance, he wants to ensure "that American workers with the necessary skills get the opportunity to fill available white-collar service jobs in our own economy before an H-1B visa applicant" does." has our Harris Miller Alert on the topic:

"[Kerry's] proposal to limit the number of L-1 visas runs counter to the view of the Information Technology Association of America trade group. Earlier this year, ITAA president Harris Miller testified in Congress that "the overall programme is not broken and doesn't need to be fixed."

Washington Times has how this is going to be spun:

Mr. Kerry has been on both sides of many key high-tech issues, including options expensing (first against, now for) and H1B visas for foreign workers coming to the United States (first against, then for, now unclear)

I just want to say this....there are a handful of people in this country who understand the harm that the abuse of these temporary visas are doing to this country. It has only been the past couple of years that politicians have even started to think about how these visas are used, and that is because citizens with college educations have been re-educating their representatives. I say re-educating because the politicians have accepted ITAA's explanations for the need to increase these visas. Until recently, there has been no one else speaking out about this issue.

Only an idiot takes a stand on an issue, and then if they are presented with evidence that their stand is incorrect they keep the same stand.

05:49 am

posted by gmminks

Tuesday October 26, 2004

Kerry's Plan to keep high-paying jobs in the US


George Bush and Dick Cheney are insensitive to the needs of American workers. They don’t understand the forces that drive American growth. That is why they are the first administration in 72 years to actually lose jobs on their watch.

John Kerry and John Edwards have been leaders in focusing attention on the new threats to our future prosperity. They recognize the importance of innovation to our country’s future: high value innovation-intensive services are key to future job creation and to our future strength as a nation. We cannot stand by while the engines of our competitiveness are shut down and sold for scrap overseas. The choice could not be clearer. George Bush and Dick Cheney promote the short-term agenda of special interests. John Kerry and John Edwards are committed to maintaining American leadership by strengthening the key engines of our long-term growth.

John Kerry and John Edwards understand that America must prepare itself for a new age of global economic competition if we are to maintain our high standard of living and technological leadership. John Kerry and John Edwards recognize the enormous value of the investment that America’s highly qualified white-collar professionals have made in their own training, their communities and our country. They will work closely with our innovation and white collar workers, their companies and schools and training programs at all levels, to make sure that America’s role as the preeminent global technology and innovation leader will strengthen.

One thing they will not offer: More of the Same. John Kerry and John Edwards have a three-part plan to address the challenge of outsourcing.

visit for the entire Kerry plan.
08:37 pm
Tuesday October 26, 2004
posted by gmminks

Monday October 25, 2004

If you work for HP -- Look out.

Found the link to this article at the ITPAA

Here's the ITPAA Story and Comments

It says that a lot of jobs will be leaving HP for Mexico, India and elsewhere.

The article says as many as 10-15 thousand jobs could be lost.

So, if you work for HP-- Look out-- It looks like Carly is going to stick it to some more US workers.

10:02 am
Monday October 25, 2004
posted by rickrob

More outsourcing/offshoring spam

This is getting to be a regular thing for me now. However, today's spam wants me to look at Russian offshoring.

From: xxxx xxxxxxxxx []
Sent: Monday, October 25, 2004 9:14 AM
To: info@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Proposal for attn.Mr.President of xxxxxxxxx, Inc

Dear Mr. President,

I am sending you this email to propose partnership in Offshore software development at affordable rate ($16.25 - 25 an hour) with onsite/local project manager.

We've looked at your company and believe you'd appreciate and benefit from a free consultation (with no obligation) with the offshore IT experts at SolovatSoft. Simply go to the following link and fill out the brief form.

About 60 percent of IT projects outsourced to offshore companies fail to meet the deadline and budget in comparing to moderate 23% of projects outsourced to local US companies.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, SolovatSoft is an 8-year-old company that provides services to fast-growth and promising small and middle-sized businesses. Administered by a local project management team, our Russian programmers work in an ISO 9001 certified Development Center, and enjoy one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.

About 80% of our employees have 5 years of software development experience in comparing with some other countries where software engineers have average experience in 2-3 years (recent university grads).

Not trivially: another reason to consider Russian outsourcing is the skill. In the 2004 International Intercollegiate Programming Contest, 4 of the top 8 places (including first place!) were won by Russian universities, besting the efforts of such institutions as Harvard, MIT and Cal Poly.

SolovatSoft offers the following services:

Enterprise Internet Programming: development on C/C++, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, MS SQL, XML, J2EE Solutions (Webspehere, JBoss, JSP, Servlets, EJB, TagLib and Struts Framework), PHP, Perl (DBI, MOD)

- Wireless Applications Development (PocketPC, Palm, Symbian, J2ME, BREW):
WAP, WML, SMS technology.

Programming of pocket PC, Palm (development of various viewers, systems for integration of pocket PC and a server, systems for remote management of a server from pocket PC, etc.)

- Windows/Linux system programming:

· File system development · NT Kernel mode drivers · Windows XP/2000/NT drivers and tools

- Enterprise document management software development:

· Document converters to/from different formats (including custom formats)
· Custom document management software

- E-Commerce systems, Intranet solutions (php/mysql, Microsoft SharePoint),
Task Systems, Dating Portals, image-sharing systems, etc


· MySQL, · PostgreSQL, · Oracle, · MS SQL, · Informix, · IBM DB2, · Data Warehouse

Get all the facts about U.S.-based IT offshoring in a free consultation that includes an individualized ROI assessment (see how much you 'd save on your next project) and no obligation. Visit the link below, or call us now at:


We look forward to hearing from you.

xxxx xxxxxxxxx
Account Manager
Offshore Software Development

09:23 am

posted by rickrob

Sunday October 24, 2004

Economic Times (India) explains specialized knowledge

The Intracompany Transferee L-1 visas are meant for managers, executives and persons with specialised knowledge. Can you explain as to who is a person with specialised knowledge?
Dinesh Ruparel, Mumbai

A person who has acquired knowledge that specifically concerns his employer company, it’s procedure, products, research, equipment, techniques, management or international marketing methods can be termed as a person with specialised knowledge for the purpose of L-1 visa.

That's right...if you know Tata's or Wipro's specialized way of doing business, you can come on an L-1 visa. No wonder they don't want to hire Americans....they would be sharing this "specialized knowledge" with people who cost 3 times more than the people they bring over on visas.

And it's all legal!

07:51 pm
Sunday October 24, 2004
posted by gmminks

Still looking for a job?

Would you move to Indiana?

A Fort Wayne company claims it searched high and low for Americans, but could not find any qualified enough that wanted to move to Indiana. They are upset that they missed the H-1B cutoff and can't import workers

First of all, someone should tell Peter Harrison (the president of Britanniainc to complain to bodyshops like Infosys who have secured 10,000 H-1B and L-1 visas, although they only are using about half of that number on projects right now.

Mr. Harrison already has at least 2 folks here on H-1B was hired last year [according to the DOL's LCA database.]

But, back to job situation. Mr. Harrison needs a qualified individual to work for him in Indiana. The following is from the BritanniaInc website [I jazzed up the HTML]:

Software Engineer
We are currently seeking a Software Engineer.

  • Individual must be proficient with computer programming and knowledgeable about computer technology.
  • Qualified candidate must be committed to producing quality work and work well with others.

This is an extremely challenging position and requires commitment and perseverance. If you are a competent programmer and are looking for a rewarding challenge, we look forward to hearing from you. Please submit your resume and cover letter, including a sample of your programming ability, in any language.

Ok, personally, I am having trouble believing he cannot find anyone to fill this position. Hell, I qualified for this position straight out of college!

Here is the other postition available:

Hardware Technician
Seeking an enthusiastic computer technician.

Qualified candidate must have

  • a firm understanding of computer technology
  • be adept at trouble shooting system problems
  • have good customer service skills.

Possible flexible hours, great place to turn your computer enthusiasm into a career. Individual must be committed to providing excellent customer service and possess great initiative to learn and work independently. Follow through and attention to detail a must.

If you qualify and would move to Indiana, please consider helping out Peter Harrison of BritanniaInc. Email the info they requested to

I really wish I knew where he has advertised this job...nothing on Monster.........

01:57 pm

posted by gmminks

Saturday October 23, 2004

Bush and Kerry answer question about technology

In a feature on CompTIA's webpage, Bush and Kerry answer questions about technology.

This question is probably the one most relevant to this blog:

What government training, education and certification policies can help make American technology workers more competitive in the global economy?

The responses once again focus on educating kids. It does not address the problem that our most educated workers....those with at least a Bachelor's degree....are the ones having a hard time finding work.

Bush highlight:

My Jobs for the 21st Century provides $250 million for a new, employer-focused grant program that leverages the expertise of America's community and technical colleges to train workers for new jobs in high-growth industries.

Kerry highlight:

I will work to build the workforce of the future by investing in K-12 math and science education, rewarding colleges for increasing the number of science and engineering degrees, and creating state-of-the-art online learning technologies that allow hardworking American workers to get high-quality training and education at a time, place, and pace that works for them.

That's nice guys. I wish one of the candidates would acknowledge that many of the unemployed workers in America are highly educated. It would be nice to see them looking to a non-business person, a technical person, for advice on how technology works.

That's for another rant though.

08:44 am
Saturday October 23, 2004
posted by gmminks

Update on Lucent strike busting

Someone sent a request for more information about the positions being posted in Lucent's attempt to bust an upcoming strike, and got the following response from one of the recruiters:

Lucent is in the process of forming a strike contingency workforce for deployment November 1st. Assignments are all over the country. I have attached the positions needed.

If you are interested in any of them, please reply with your resume, contact telephone, preferred location and job #.


Craig S. Jacobson
North American Communications Practice

08:27 am

posted by gmminks

Friday October 22, 2004

Dell tech support sucks!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, this is a personal rant.

I was at work, working on a server with RHE that has some weird error messages on it. Googled the errors....with no luck.

Called Dell.

The guy at Dell went through some software tests, became obvious we were going to have to open the box and do some testing.

This is where the sucky part comes:

The dell guy goes........
Gina, let me ask you, do you like to cook?
I go..........
um yeah.....[thinking, oh god he is reading from a script and I have this server opened up and it is almost 4 on a Friday this SUCKS!!!!!!]

The dell guy goes......
Do you like to bake cakes?
I go....
um yeah............[thinking....WTF!!! can we get back to the server please?]

The dell guy goes.......
well you are going to like this. We are going to open the server and do a little baking, it will be just like cooking
I go...........
look I have been a sys admin for three years can we please cut the crap

Now, would this asshole have ever said that to a man? NO!

Even the guys I worked with were flabergasted.

So, Dell people......

  • If that statement is in your tree, REMOVE IT. It is demeaning and sexist. Whoever thought it was good to put that in is on crack!
  • If it was just that agent being an asshole, ya need to find him and get him out of there. The next time I am treated like that I am going to go off.

I just want to do my job. I am capable. I know what I am doing. Stop treating me like a "girl"....treat me like a techie.

ok, I feel better now.

09:56 pm
Friday October 22, 2004
posted by gmminks

Boston craigs list offering jobs in India

Sent in by a reader:

Subject: Boston craigslist lists India IT with India only applicants position in U.S. - an angry response

Looking for php/mysql developer in India
Reply to:
Date: 2004-10-21, 4:26PM EDT

We are looking for an experienced PHP/MYSQL developer to work closely with US based software company developing web services. Ability add features and fix bugs rapidly a must. Must be available on a daily basis for telephone calls with management in the USA.

This is a ground floor opportunity. You would be the second developer in the company and the position could grow to include oversight over other India based developers.

Please contact us at (978) 927-8385 or by emailing

DataOne Software

Job location is India
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Compensation: TBD
Telecommuting is ok.
OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
Phone calls about this job are ok.
Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
Reposting this message elsewhere is OK.


re:Looking for php/mysql developer in India

Reply to: see below
Date: 2004-10-21, 7:30PM EDT

Hey! Why don't you help the economy and an unemployed US citizen and hire locally? You know that the work you'll get back from India is substandard anyway, so you'll have to hire someone here to fix the code...which will cost more in the long run.

09:47 pm

posted by gmminks

Watch out for union-busting job offers!

Lucent is getting ready to deal with a strike.

So, they are using to broadcast an urgent request for workers.

If you get this email, consider that you are going to be putting someone else out of work....people who are striking for better working conditions. Do you really want to work for a company like that?

Here is what the email looks like:

We have been engaged by to fill around 1,200 vacancies. Below are the job specs for around 500 of the positions.

Please distribute this to anyone you feel could benefit. I will need resumes and contact information. Anyone that fits will be considered.
Beyond these, virtually every Telco skill is represented on the remaining 700 I have not passed. The long and short - if they have worked in the Telco space and are looking for a job, have them send me their information.

No phone calls from the prospective candidates please! The numbers would cripple me. Please direct them to send their resumes to:

09:46 pm

posted by gmminks

Wednesday October 20, 2004

Another layoff rumour

This time from a reader....

State Street Bank is laying off 425, 200 of those employees are in Boston.

State Street utilizes many H-1B visa workers.

Again, if you were affected by this round of layoffs at State Street and want to tell your story, contact us.

04:37 am
Wednesday October 20, 2004
posted by gmminks

Tuesday October 19, 2004

Layoff Rumours

via f'edcompany....

Vignette is shutting down the Boston and San Francisco offices and g consolidation of software development operations in Boston and San Francisco into existing development centers....the ones in India.

(If you were affected by this layoff and want to tell your story, shoot me an email!)

Adobe rumoured to be making big cuts soon.

Hitchi is laying off folks from their San Jose office. But don't worry, they announced that they will "build a US$500 million disk drive plant in Shenzhen, in China's Guangdong Province, which is scheduled to start production of 3.5 inch disk drives in the October-December quarter of next year".

Global Crossing cut 600 jobs. This is a company based in Bermuda (I wonder how many Bermudians they employ?) and is controlled by Singapore's ST Telemedia

Sprint is cutting jobs. again.
09:19 pm
Tuesday October 19, 2004
posted by gmminks

Indian companies looking for IT workers

Customers are silently accelerating outsourcing and we are responding on the jobs front," adds S Ramadorai, chief executive of TCS."
03:44 pm

posted by gmminks

Why there are no Iraq

This coming from Subterranian Homepage at the Providence Journal

It seems that to win the peace in Iraq, what needs to be done is to put the people back to work rebuilding their country. According to one reporter who got friendly with a town elder who told him:

Fallujah could be saved with the help of the U.S. military. The Americans, he said, needed to find a way to employ the legions of former soldiers and other disaffected young men milling about the city. Unlike Shiites in the south, who had grown accustomed to unemployment and poverty, Sunnis in Fallujah had thrived on government contracts, smuggling and graft. Postwar joblessness was a new, embarrassing -- and dangerous -- phenomenon. "Either you put them to work," Hassnawi said, "or they will turn to the resistance."

An Iraqi blogger brings the point closer to home to those of us here who are being barred from working in our own country:

Listen to this little anecdote. One of my cousins works in a prominent engineering company in Baghdad- we’ll call the company H. This company is well-known for designing and building bridges all over Iraq. My cousin, a structural engineer, is a bridge freak. He spends hours talking about pillars and trusses and steel structures to anyone who’ll listen.

As May was drawing to a close, his manager told him that someone from the CPA wanted the company to estimate the building costs of replacing the New Diyala Bridge on the South East end of Baghdad. He got his team together, they went out and assessed the damage, decided it wasn’t too extensive, but it would be costly. They did the necessary tests and analyses (mumblings about soil composition and water depth, expansion joints and girders) and came up with a number they tentatively put forward- $300,000. This included new plans and designs, raw materials (quite cheap in Iraq), labor, contractors, travel expenses, etc.

Let’s pretend my cousin is a dolt. Let’s pretend he hasn’t been working with bridges for over 17 years. Let’s pretend he didn’t work on replacing at least 20 of the 133 bridges damaged during the first Gulf War. Let’s pretend he’s wrong and the cost of rebuilding this bridge is four times the number they estimated- let’s pretend it will actually cost $1,200,000. Let’s just use our imagination.

A week later, the New Diyala Bridge contract was given to an American company. This particular company estimated the cost of rebuilding the bridge would be around- brace yourselves- $50,000,000 !!

The question still haunts me......what happens to a country when that country's engineers are not allowed to work?

03:33 pm

posted by gmminks

New studies show outsourcing is worse than they told us

A new study on outsourcing,
, shows alot more jobs have been
sent overseas than have been reported.

Some excerpts:

"..these data suggest that in 2004 as many as 406,000 jobs
will be shifted from the US to other countries compared to
204,000 jobs in 2001."

"These data also suggest that the Bureau of Labor Statistics
(BLS) estimate of jobs lost due to the shifting of US jobs out
of the country grossly underestimates the total number of jobs
While BLS reported 4,633 private sector workers in
establishments with 50 or more workers lost their jobs due to
global outsourcing in January-March 2004, we were able to find
solid confirmation for an absolute minimum of 25,000 jobs shifting
out of the US during that same period."

The group doing the study had problem getting exact data. The
following quote explains why:

"For example, an executive at Lionbridge, an outsourcing firm
with many employees in India, made this comment in response
to a question about new clients during the company’s Fourth
Quarter 2003 conference call:

One of the challenges, Charles, you mentioned, you know,
politically, it’s a little insensitive to get press releases
out about pushing jobs off shore.
So we’re finding that
people are less enthusiastic about announcing significant
contracts and so I think that we’re just going to have to
communicate our numbers and our performance (Fair Disclosure
Wire 2004e: not paginated).

02:56 pm

posted by gmminks

MassInc forum: The State of the Workforce:

The State of the Workforce:
Changes, Challenges, & Opportunities in the 495/MetroWest Region

Friday, October 29, 2004
7:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Sheraton Framingham Hotel
Exit 12 off of Rte. 90/Mass. Turnpike. Rte. 9 West

You have to register for the event, it looks like it costs $20.00. (It looks like you get breakfast though)

02:43 pm

posted by gmminks

AT&T Outsourcing Protest TOMORROW [10/20]

via Jobs with Justice.....

Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho! AT&T's Greed has Got To Go!

AT&T continues to try and outsource work from call centers and shed decent paying jobs in Massachusetts.

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004 workers at Local 1051 won't take it no more and will Rally to demand that AT&T end its attacks on working people in Massachusetts!

The rally will be held at from 3:30-5:30 at the AT&T Plant in Fairhaven , MA .

For more information call CWA Local 1051 at 508-961-1405.

Attleboro . If you know of any one please contact me.

In Solidarity,

Jennifer Doe

Workers' Rights Organizer

Massachusetts Jobs With Justice

3353 Washingtion St

Jamaica Plain , MA 02130

Tele: (617) 524-8778

Fax: (617) 524-8996

02:39 pm

posted by gmminks

How does this make sense?


Why are we all taking this? I just don't understand. Companies in the US are getting rid of their IT departments and handing the work off to big companies from India. These same companies are refusing to hire Americans in the US, and they want the H-1B visa cap lifted so they can import workers from India. These same foreign companies are lobbying ourCongress in order to get the number of visas they need to operate [without Americans] increased to a level that suits their needs.

I put it to you that the reason the H-1B visa cap limit was reached on the first day of the federal government's fiscal year is that companies, especially companies based in India, do not want to hire Americans on American soil. It is not for lack of local talent.

Why is no one watching out for displaced techies in the US?

05:04 am

posted by gmminks

Need another reason to avoid Starbucks?

They signed a deal with Tata coffee. The company will now provide Starbucks with coffee beans.

Honestly, there are enough local coffee shops here in New England that there really is no reason to buy from a big chain like Starbucks. Buy from the little guy and cut your own out-of-pocket costs in half!

04:51 am

posted by gmminks

Sunday October 17, 2004

uh...what is dishoom?

according to boing boing:

"BoingBoing reader Sameer says, "Dhishoom is like saying 'Biff,' 'bang,' 'wham,' or 'pow' -- Also the most common soundtrack dub during Bollywood fistfight scenes. Ususally used as "Dhishoom-Dhisoom."

07:10 pm
Sunday October 17, 2004
posted by gmminks

Call center work outsourced to Communist India

There is an interesting story on about how communist areas in India are handling BPO services from the West.

The story states the a hammer and sicle hangs over the entrance to the Wipro campus in Calcutta. IBM and Price Waterhouse Coopers have a presence there as well.

West Bengal's IT minister is Manabendra Mukherjee. He is planning a visit to the US next year to drum up business for that state.

According to the Times of India, Harris Miler and the US Ambassador and Conul-General recommended the trip:

Taking cue from Harris Miller, president of Information Technology Association of America, the US ambassador and the US consul-general have requested Bhattacharjee to lead a personal marketing campaign in the US.

Didn't communists used to be the bad guys? If you ask me, things aren't so great in West Bengal for IT workers...the communist government has declared IT - and IT-enabled services such as call centres - to be essential services. This means workers are not allowed to strike.

Remember that next time you have to talk to someone in India about your bank account. They may not have a choice but to do the job they matter what they are paid, no matter how they are treated.

And your service fees PAY for that privilege!

06:38 pm

posted by gmminks

Saturday October 16, 2004

Is outsourcing a WMD?

According to this link [sent in by a reader]:

India's focus, Sheshabalaya says, is a ''full sweep of high-value white-collar services.'' He calls it the Great Displacement.

And the relocation movement quietly began about 20 years ago, starting in the mid-1980s and then slowly picking up in the mid-'90s. The dot-com boom masked some of this movement. Workers and industry analysts were too caught up in the wave of big salaries, bigger bonuses and more jobs than the U.S. workforce alone could fill to notice. With a down economy and the death of the dot-com boom, the fog has cleared and the statistics on offshoring are mounting.

Intersting. Any comments?

12:22 pm
Saturday October 16, 2004
posted by gmminks

Jobs Worth $210B to be Outsourced in 2005

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte and Touche, top 100 global financial companies will offshore jobs worth over USD 200 billion to India and other countries in 2005. Deloitte expects the top 100 global financial companies to offshore a total of USD 210 billion of their operating costs, saving on an average USD 700 million.

09:53 am

posted by rickrob

Thursday October 14, 2004

34% of corporate IT budgets to be outsourced next year

"In 12-18 months, at least 34 per cent of corporate IT budgets will be outsourced. While at least 45 per cent of companies expect to outsource for cost considerations, a significant 17 per cent of them will be outsourcing to enable them to focus on core competencies," Corbett revealed the results of a survey by his consulting firm, Michael F Corbett & Associates. Corbett was speaking at the India Outsourcing Summit, hosted by the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) on Wednesday.
02:32 pm
Thursday October 14, 2004
posted by gmminks

Wednesday October 13, 2004

Heritage Foundation wants to up H1B visa limit

According to the Heritage Foundation, the only way to create new jobs in the US is to increase the H-1B visa limit.

This will create new jobs, but for whom? Will the Americans out of work now be allowed to compete for these new jobs?

The article tries to convince us that Americans would get some of these new jobs by saying:

"even companies “dependent” on H-1B visa holders typically employ other workers in both technical and support positions."

This is not true. Wipro, TCS, and Infosys have hardly any US citizens working on US soil. Infosys has a buffer of about 10,000 US visas comprising both H1B and L1 with a utilization rate of 52-55%.


"..the additional expense involved in acquiring an H-1B worker, it would often be cheaper to employ a U.S. citizen for the job"

This is also questionable. The body shops may ask $50K for a programmer, but only pay the worker $35K. The end customer may pay premium wages for the workers, but the only party that makes any money on this equation is the outsourcing company. Even the companies using H-1B visas admit using the temporary visa workers is cheaper than hiring Americans:

"Kumar [of Hugh's Software Systems] said the cap on H1B visa will not affect the company’s increasing on-site services. “ One can hire people locally to meet needs, though the costs would be higher,” he said."

02:36 pm
Wednesday October 13, 2004
posted by gmminks

Tuesday October 12, 2004

U.S. Chamber of Commerce begging for H1B increase

"It is unthinkable that Congress would hamstring employers from having access to these needed workers for an entire year."


US high- tech economy continued to lose a whopping 200,000 jobs after the recession was declared over in November 2001 by the National Bureau of Economic Research."
07:09 pm
Tuesday October 12, 2004
posted by gmminks

Outsourcing is not the only problem

Senator John Kerry plans to end tax breaks for companies that outsource jobs offshore. His plan would:

  1. Eliminate special breaks so companies are taxed the same whether they invest abroad or at home.
  2. Promote America’s competitiveness in a global economy.
  3. Close abusive international tax loopholes. ran a story about Kerry's plan, and how there really aren't alot of details about how it would encourage job growth in the US.

If Kerry really wants to provide for job growth, he should look into doing something about companies that misuse the H-1B and L-1 visa categories. What good is creating jobs in the US if Americans are not being considered for these new positions?

Consider the following:

  1. 04:03 pm

    posted by gmminks

    ITAA tells India...take our jobs, all of them!!!

    There is a joint ITAA/NASSCOM conference in India about security.

    Miller said:
    privacy of data was more important than the issue of job loss. ''The threat of data leakage is high and we can't become complacent about security,'' he said.

    So, it's all about security. And of course, ITAA's president is the most qualified person in the US to address security concerns, right? Look how masterfully he has handled the problem of security when it comes to electronic voting machines. He pimped out his lobbying services to the electronic voting machine vendors, promising to set up a "blue ribbon panel" that would set its own standards for the industry while at the same time discrediting any academics who tried to point out flaws in the system.

    Harris Miller has treated the engineers..with complete disdain and utter disregard. He has no right at all to tell our government how to tell when the country's data is secure.

    The funny thing is all the comments that have been made about H1B visas at this conference. For example, NASSCOM's chief said:

    "There will also be difficulties for US companies due to a cap on H-1B visas as their economy picks up, the need for professionals will increase. So the expectation is, in a few months as the new administration comes in and settles down, there will be a need to review the cap"

    02:08 pm

    posted by gmminks

    HR4520 passed

    Now all it needs is the president's signature.

    The bill, dubbed "Jumpstart Our Business Strength (JOBS) Act", was created for the purpose of amending "the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to remove impediments in such Code and make our manufacturing, service, and high-technology businesses and workers more competitive and productive both at home and abroad."

    Sounds good right? Well, wait a minute. Passing this bill was one item on ITAA's to-do list for Congress. As was pulling the Dodd ammendment. The Dodd Ammendment recuired that federal contracts must be done onshore if possible. The Dodd ammendment was attached to the JOBS Act, but it was removed from the final bill.

    According to ITAA's wish-list:
    Enact legislation changing the tax rules for “Foreign Sales Corporations / Extraterritorial Income” (FSC/ETI) to accomplish international tax reform and other important goals. This critical legislation includes, among other important elements, international tax reform to solve a WTO problem, an extension of the R&D tax credit and an allowance for companies to repatriate capital to the U.S. to be used domestically. Taken as a whole, no other legislation considered this year is as important. The legislation has passed both the House (H.R. 4520) and Senate (S. 1637). While the bills differ and must be reconciled in conference, both versions contain extensions of the R&D tax credit and an allowance for the repatriation of capital. The House needs to appoint its conferees and the work of the conference committee must begin so that a vote may occur before Congress adjourns.

    OK, so the bill has passed. Foreign companies can now repatirate capital to the US, so that should in theory create jobs in the US. The fight now becomes the temporary visas. More on that soon.

    Roll Call here

    Senator Kennedy voted against the bill. He issued this statement on his website:


    October 11, 2004

    For Immediate Release
    Contact: David Smith / Jim Manley
    (202) 224-2633

    First, I'd like to say a few words about the FSC bill.

    The American middle class is the heart and soul of our country. But you would never know it from this bill.

    We should be helping middle class families, not hurting them. But this bill uses your taxes to ship your jobs overseas.

    It allows President Bush to cut your overtime pay.

    And it allows big tobacco companies to market cigarettes to your children.

    On issue after issue in this legislation, elite corporate interests are the winners at the expense of average Americans.

    If the middle class is the backbone of America, then this bill is contrary to American values. And if President Bush really cared about the middle class, instead of just the big corporations, he would veto this bill today.

    01:45 pm

    posted by gmminks

    Infosys profits up


    "Offshoring has become a mega-trend in the industry as more customers leverage their partnership with Infosys to increase their global competitiveness," said Nandan Nilekani, chief executive officer of Infosys."

    01:19 pm

    posted by gmminks

    Monday October 11, 2004

    Last day to register to vote

    is this Wednesday if you live in MA.

    Don't miss it!

    07:03 am
    Monday October 11, 2004
    posted by gmminks

    Thursday October 7, 2004

    Bank of America to cut 4,500 jobs beginning this month

    03:42 pm
    Thursday October 7, 2004
    posted by gmminks

    Guess who else is outsourcing

    According to this article, the following US fast food companies outsource the handling of their financial accounts to India:

    • McDonald's
    • KFC
    • Dunkin' Donuts
    • Taco Bell
    • Pizza Hut
    • Chic-fil-A.

    What do you think would happen if for one day, no one went to Dunkin Donuts?

    03:41 pm

    posted by gmminks

    Outsourcing breeds insourcing

    But when companies insource, they bring labor from overseas and refuse to hire locally.

    In an article entitled " US realises importance of BPO: FM", India's Finance Minister P Chidambaram has said he is not worried about the campaign against offshoring, since American businesses have realised the benefits of outsourcing. (He also has been reported as saying that Kerry is going to clarify his stand on outsourcing in the next issue of India Abroad.)

    In another related article from a paper in Pittsburgh, companies are crying foul at the H-1B visa cap being reached on the first day of FY05. The article has two intersting quotes:

    1. Sanjay Chopra, co-founder of the startup Wexford-based tech firm Calance Corp, cannot bring in the Indian H1B visa holders he had hired. The article said:

      "Being a start-up, we are pretty bummed about the situation," Chopra said, adding that he's worried it may hamper growth at his firm. He had lined up several workers from India who were planning on coming as early as this month. Now he will look locally, though he anticipates difficulties since he needs people who can work with U.S. clients and his office in India.

      He has it backwards. You are only supposed to apply for an H1B visa if you can't find locals to do the work. This guy never planned to hire Americans.

    2. Prithvi Solutions had hoped to get 20 H-1B visas this year (according to the LCA database they get several every year).

      According to Madhavi Vuppalapati:

      "Now the applications are just sitting on her desk, said the Oakland software solutions firm's president and chief executive officer. The cap "will affect our profits in a negative way," she said.

      On a brighter note, she said, the lower cap could help the firm's office in India. Many clients that normally would have used smaller U.S. firms for technical specialities now may have no choice but to send the work overseas. "The only way this can be positive for foreign workers," she said "is that we'll get more projects outsourced to India."

      This company has already under investigation for not following state guidelines for state contracts. They have brought in 98 immigrants to the US on H-1B visas, and are looking to bring in 20 more.

      What specialized skill is so lacking in the US that this company is forced to bring in immigrants? Entry level analyst and programming positions.

    These companies prove the point of an article entitled 'Pure' outsourcing model falls from favor. The article backs up the immigration lawyer's assertion that outsourcing is creating jobs:

    The purely offshore outsourcing model is out of favor, and Indian business process outsourcing (BPO) companies are finding that they need U.S. facilities and staff to run operations for their American clients.

    If they are creating jobs here in the US, but then they convince Congress to raise the visa cap [and then refuse to hire Americans citizens and permanent residents], well big, fat, hairy deal!

    When is someone going to stand up to this nonsense?

    03:34 pm

    posted by gmminks

    Tuesday October 5, 2004

    The Ideological Assault on Dobbs

    ITPAA has an interesting article about an intellectual's attack on anyone who disagrees with the concept of free trade at any cost.

    The intellectual is Dr. Jagdish N. Bhagwati, and the article in question is is available online at the Council of Foreign Relations web site. One comment Dr. Bhagwati makes is:

    The truly disturbing sin of commission of the Kerry campaign, however, has been to surrender to the hysteria over "outsourcing."

    Hey, what can you say about a man, whose brother is a retired chief justice of the Supreme Court of India, who describes himself as a "public nuisance". He also says "that laws against illegal immigrants already inside the United States are "pointless." Leave them alone if they are already here, he says; immigrants help the United States maintain its edge in technology."

    Read both articles....decide for yourself.

    05:44 pm
    Tuesday October 5, 2004
    posted by gmminks

    Monday October 4, 2004

    H1B visas all spoken for

    All 65K H1B visas for 25K are gone. Spoken for.

    And the companies in India are trying to figure out what to do. Maybe send people to the US via Canada or Australia.


    "There's yet another option these players are toying with and that's to employ US nationals."

    God forbid!

    08:13 pm
    Monday October 4, 2004
    posted by gmminks

    Chambliss Bill passed the Judiciary Committee

    Watching the travels of this bill has reminded me of my childhood and SchoolHouse Rock

    The Chambliss Bill passed the Judiciary Committee WITHOUT the compromise higher ed provision.

    Now, the worry is the lame duck session.

    One of my sources explains what happens during a lame duck session:

    "Congress will probably have a Lame-Duck session in mid-November, after the election. These post-election sessions are usually complete free for all's. Since the legislators won't face the voters for two years, and most people are focused on the holidays anyway, they can get away with more. We think the H-1B enthusiasts are waiting until after the election. They would then try to slip something in one of the appropriation bills when no one was looking. This is a very difficult tactic to prevent. To do so, we need to keep the pressure on Congress, even though they are not actively debating the measure."

    I predict we will see more ITAA hype and spin around their "To-do list" for Congress. We will see anyone who dares to counter this spin be portrayed as angry and out of touch with how our economy really works.

    So....keep emailing and calling your senators and representatives. It worked with the Judiciary Committee! Give them your own to-do list. Remind them that temporary visas are only weakening America's competitiveness in the global arena.

    03:56 pm

    posted by gmminks

    Sunday October 3, 2004

    What is the H-1B visa?

    Someone suggested I have a post about what these visas are.

    So here we go:

    H-1B Visas
    The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa issued for foreigners to perform specialized work in the US. In order to qualify for the visa, the immigrant must hold a 4-year degree in the specialized field.

    According to the Department of Labor:

    "A specialty occupation requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge and a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in the specific specialty (e.g., engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, computer sciences, medicine and health care, education, biotechnology, and business specialties, etc.)"

    To obtain an H-1B visa for a new employee, the employer must obtain a Labor Condition Agreement (LCA). They get this after they "prove" to the Department of Labor that they cannot find any qualified Americans for the job that requires specialized skills. The LCAs must be posted in a public place where current employees can see them. Anyone can ask to see a company's LCAs.

    H1-B visas are good for 3 years, when they can be renewed for 3 years, and then renewed yearly after that.

    Since people here on H-1B visas are not immigants, they do not get the same rights that citizens have. They cannot easily change jobs. They cannot make many demands on employers, as their visas are temporary.

    Some say that only 20% of temporary workers stay in the US. When they return to their countries, they take their experience with them. During the time they were working, they displaced US workers. So, US workers are losing skills because they cannot get hired. H-1B visa holders cannot stay in the US because they are on temporary visas, so they take their skills and contacts back to their home countries.

    And that is supposed to make us more competitive in the global marketplace?

    Current law holds the amount of H-1B visas that can be issued to 65,000. Immigration lawyers and the ITAA are lobbying Congress to raise this limit.

    For more detailed information, search">search Rob Sanchez's pages, or Dr. Norm Matloff's pages.

    Later, or tomorrow or something, I will write about L-1 visas.

    07:20 pm
    Sunday October 3, 2004
    posted by gmminks

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