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Tuesday June 28, 2005

Programmer's Guild challenges ITAA report

The Programmer's Guild will be releasing a report that critically analyzes a report on diversity that was release by ITAA earlier this year.

According to a story on ZDnet, one of the things that the report will investigate is how "the use of H-1B visas contributes to low shares of information technology jobs held by women and some racial minorities".

04:56 am
Tuesday June 28, 2005
posted by gmminks

Remember when they said to go into biotech?

think again..............this just in from the Globe:

It's a phenomenon that Cambridge immigration lawyer Vincent Lau observes each year: a scramble among biotechnology companies trying to win coveted visas for their overseas hires.

''There's a frenzy among employers," said Lau, a lawyer at Flynn & Clark PC. ''If you miss the boat on this, you can wait months and hold up business."

And holding up business in Boston's life sciences industry could knock the city from its perch atop the nation's biotech clusters, according to a report to be released today by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

The Herald puts it like this:

If Boston wants to stay No. 1 in the life sciences field it needs to increase its foreign work force

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce will be issuing a report today.

Stay tuned.

04:51 am

posted by gmminks

Friday June 24, 2005

Need a Job?

apply at akamai

They are in Cambridge, and are having trouble finding qualified applicants.

From the techsunite yahoogroup.....

the CEO of Akamai the internet infastructure co in Cambridge.... told me he has some 100 positions open and he is having trouble finding (qualified?) people. Now here is the kicker: If he can not find people to fill these positions, he is going to outsource them to India Et Al. I took a quick look at their web site and found positions for SW Engineers, both Product and Program managers among others.

07:38 am
Friday June 24, 2005
posted by gmminks

Thursday June 23, 2005

Indian call center rep caught selling private data

The British newspaper "The Sun" sent a reporter to India to see how easy it would be to buy private data from a call center worker.

It was pretty damn easy

You want to talk about something the Homeland Security should be looking at...this guy in India sold the details to 1,000 accounts, including driver's license and passport info, for $5,000 US.

And promised that he could deliver 2,000 accounts a month.

08:54 pm
Thursday June 23, 2005
posted by gmminks

India *DEMANDS* 195,000 H1B visas

The Indian government has made a formal proposal to the WTO "demanding that the yearly quota of H-1B visas be increased to 195,000.

So is the US a sovereign nation or not? If the laws that are put in place by the persons we democratically elect to office are superseded by the WTO, then are we still a democracy?

08:45 pm

posted by gmminks

Sunday June 19, 2005

Microsoft uses prison labor

to bundle software packages

Wonder if that is cheaper than sending the work offshore?

06:54 pm
Sunday June 19, 2005
posted by gmminks

Saturday June 18, 2005

Honeywell lays off Americans, brings in foreign workers

Honeywell is about to start layoffs, supposedly to provide better customer service.

But the Job Destruction Newsletter at is reporting that the layoffs are a planned "Census Adjustment" designed to layoff American workers for cheaper foreign workers.

Some of the highlights of the latest newsletter:

  • Replacing current Honeywell workers with L-1 visa holders. These L-1
    visa holders will come mostly from Russia, Czech Republic, and India.

  • Whenever possible all positions in engineering and its support
    functions will be outsourced to overseas locations.

  • All new IT jobs will be required to be outsourced offshore.

  • No external hiring will be allowed, and transfers of employees within
    Honeywell will be discouraged until the job terminations are complete.

  • Open job positions will be "backfilled with globalized engineers at a
    lower cost." Managers that refuse to go along with this process will be
    replaced with more cooperative ones.

  • American subcontractors are currently being eliminated and replaced
    with foreign companies.

  • Honeywell CEO, Dave Cote, has ordered Roman Jamragowiecz, VP of
    Engineering, to globalize 25% of AES engineering. It is generally
    understood that Roman will lose his job if he doesn't meet this goal.

  • Honeywell understands that workers will be extremely angry when they
    see their jobs being filled by foreign workers. There is a fear that
    some employees may go postal when they are forced to train their
    replacements. On June 9th at the Deer Valley and Bell Road plant,
    managers were given training on workplace violence. Managers were
    counseled that they had to report all threats or "going postal" type
    comments. Extra security will be hired during the mass terminations.

  • Whenever possible work will be "co-sourced" to Indian companies such
    as Wipro, Keane, Caritor.

  • No Indians are to lose their jobs during the job cuts in the U.S.

  • Engineering layoffs will begin on July 1st and will be far more than
    17% across the board cuts that were announced to the press. The
    undercount occurs because Honeywell isn't eliminating their globalized

  • The 17% reduction is actually an undercount because each department
    must count its globalized staff in their headcount - the 17% number
    does not apply to the globalized staff, only U.S. staff!

  • Layoffs will continue until engineering is less than 15% of the

  • Honeywell at Deer Valley will be replacing American workers with
    Indian and Czechs. The foreign workers will be marched into the
    buildings on July 28th and 29th at the rate of 250-300 per day.

  • All U.S. citizens or Green card holders that quit will not be
    counted in the layoff statistics even though many of them will be
    forced to retire. There will also be an additional 2000 layoffs in
    aerospace that will not be counted in the total job loss statistics
    that will be released to the press.

  • Honeywell doesn't seem very concerned with diversity. They have
    already terminated employment of several African American women senior
    engineers. The Indians L-1s being brought in are 99% male and almost
    all of them are very young.

  • All employees that question the hiring of Indian L-1s are subject to
    bad performance reviews, and of course any black mark on their records
    could be used as a reason for dismissal.

  • There are approximately 31 Component Engineers in CES. The number
    will come down and will be backfilled with globalized engineers at a
    lower cost.

  • The Redmond, Washington location is considered short-handed. Despite
    the need for more engineers at Redmond, no engineers from other
    locations will be allowed to relocate to Redmond even if they are
    facing job termination.

12:34 am
Saturday June 18, 2005
posted by gmminks

Thursday June 16, 2005

MA Cops Round up illegal aliens

The Homeland Security agency, created in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, considers the sweep a chance to protect residents from neighborhood crime as well as improve national security.

"American citizens are far more likely to be a victim of a violent crime in their own community than a victim of a terrorist attack," Chadbourne said.

05:20 am
Thursday June 16, 2005
posted by gmminks

Saturday June 4, 2005

I'm back (reluctantly)

I am going to be posting more often again. I just can't believe that talking about the high number of unemployed American techies is still something that needs to be done.

I have been busy busy busy with my new job and my kids. BTW, if any of you are in the Boston area and looking for a web admin or Oracle DBA position, send me an email. I will hit you up with details about open positions in my company. I can promise to get your resume into the manager's hands, but that is all I can do..the rest is up to you.

Expect to see some action items soon.
06:01 am
Saturday June 4, 2005
posted by gmminks

Brian Halla thinks Americans are stupid

Brian Halla, chairman and CEO of National Semiconductor, thinks Americans are idiots, according to this interview in Electronic News:

Another problem is we can’t get the work force in this country. Through the fourth grade, our kids are as bright as anyone. From the fourth grade to the eighth grade, we fall behind. From the eight grade to senior year in high school, we fall to the bottom 10 percent of the top 25 industrialized nations for scores on tests. Somehow we have to get that back, but we have to get it back while we’re letting in the best and the brightest.

He is also threatening that if we don't get more H1B visas, we will have to buy all the new technology from China.

But here is the best quote from the article:

"Don’t talk to me about H1-B visa caps. Clip one to every PhD. Let the graduates stay."

05:26 am

posted by gmminks


Compete America seems to be at it again. There is a slew of articles AGAIN about how much US programmers suck and how the only way that technology business in the US can be saved is if employers have unlimited access to foreign students and workers.

Yeah, and I am 25 and a size 5.

Remember Romney promising to bring the new technology jobs like nanotechnology to the state to replace all of the high-tech jobs that left? Well, the nanatech sector does not want to hire Americans either, at least not according to according to Cleo Cabuz, executive director of the MEMS Industry Group and director of Honeywell International's sensors research lab. Besides worrying about actually getting visas for nanotech workers, she seems to be upset about the "significant restrictions in engaging those very capable (people) in major and significant projects that may have sensitive security applications".

This attitude that American workers can't do this work must change. Why would any student want to endure the rigours of a highly technical academic career, just to end up working at Home Depot?

If Romney is serious about fixing the employment problem in the Bay State, he will quash this attitude that only foreigners can do these jobs.

05:20 am

posted by gmminks

Indian Software exports soar

according to this article:

"India's software and service exports soared 34.5 percent to $17.2 billion in the last fiscal year as companies from abroad outsourced more work


services such as software programs, billing, customer management and accounting, grew 44.5 percent to $5.2 billion or 44 percent of the worldwide total"

And you wonder where the jobs are.

05:10 am

posted by gmminks

US workers are too old

according to this article anyways. The Chairman of Microsoft India, Ravi Venkatesan, says:

There exists a demographic challenge in the U.S. with an aging population whereas India has dynamic and highly educated youth. It is in the natural interest of both the economies to allow this integration of resources and talent. In this day of globalization, dropping of artificial barriers such as this is essential to allow free flow of trade and talent to benefit both countries while fostering economic development at the same time.”

So there you have it folks. We are demographically challenged.

The article also says what we have known for a long time, that the Big Indian consulting companies are stock-piling H-1B visas, that have a "Shelf-Life" of six years.

So, if you are a small American company who truly needs to use this category for what the reasons it was created (bringing specialized talent from overseas when none can be found in the US), you should be yelling and screaming at your congressional leaders to make everyone play fair.

04:59 am

posted by gmminks

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