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Saturday February 26, 2005

Bank of America "loses" customer data

BofA has admitted to losing tapes of customer data

How do you lose backup tapes if you are a bank??

07:34 am
Saturday February 26, 2005
posted by gmminks

Friday February 18, 2005

Here's another Ad

But it's the opposite of the the other ones. Someone has the right idea.

Peoplesoft hris lead - right to hire (no h1b)


B.S. Computer Science (or related field)
4 + years of technical experience in a systems software development environment
2 + years of experience working with PeopleSoft 8.0 and higher on HRIS


Experience with moving a corporate environment to a new location

Knowledge of and experience with integration technology languages, Tools, databases and middleware (Oracle/SQL-server web Methods, MQSeries, SOAP, XML,Java, etc.)

Advanced technical knowledge in software development methodologies, design and

Expert skills in research and analysis, and project planning

In-depth understanding of entire development process and system testing

Special Benefits Include:
Independent contractors may respond


No Telecommuting - must work all hours on-site
Direct hires only (no agencies)
Only considering applicants who currently live in the USA

US citizens only

Will not hire on a part-time basis

Job Location(s):

215(PA), 972(TX),617(MA)


SS, llc

03:38 pm
Friday February 18, 2005
posted by rickrob

More on the H-1B Only Job Ads

Nothing makes me madder than seeing one of those H-1B only Job Ads. They are DISCRIMINATORY and they are ILLEGAL in the United States. You can not discriminate on the basis of national origin. In addition the job was in California, so US citizens were definitely being excluded from consideration for the job.

I did a whois lookup on the domain, and I contacted the administrative person. I wanted to get right to the owner of the site and not use the 'contact link' on the page.

So here is the exchange between me and that ultimately resulted in all of Global IT Staffing's ads being pulled and them being banned from


Do you run this website? I have a question about a job ad I saw on it.

Thank You.

>From: XXXXX[]
>Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 8:21 PM
>To: xxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re:
>I will forward it to the web owner...

Thanks for your help. My question is not about applying for a job, It's about why a specific job is being advertised the way it is. Would you please forward this to the web owner as well?

Thank You

> From: Job Site Support
> Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2005 8:56 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re:
>Our server hosting staff relayed a message to us that you'd like to ask a question about one of our jobs. We do have a direct means of contacting us for questions; you'd simply click the contact link on our site. With that said, what it is your question?
> --Support Staff

Thanks for your reply.

I saw your contact link. I wanted to make sure I got to the owner of the site. That is why I contacted your hosting staff. I would like to know why would run this ad in the format that is show on the following page. Here is the link:

This ad implies that 'No US Citizens need apply' Since it very boldly has 'Only H1 visa holders apply for this post' at the top of the ad. This ad is highly discriminatory and is illegal in the United States. It discriminates on the basis of national origin, since US citizens would not have an H-1B visa. Since the job itself is in the state of California, US citizens are being excluded from consideration for the job.

If you are in the US, you are breaking the law by running this ad. In addition, this is not the only job posting like this on your site.

I'd really like to know:

Are you aware these ads are on your site? If you know about them, why you think it is OK to run these discriminatory ads?

I would appreciate a reply.

Thank You.

> From: Job Site Support
> Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 06:31:24 -0600
> To: xxxxxx
> Subject: Re:
>These jobs have now been removed on our website, and the owner of the ads has been banned from our site. If you find any other jobs like this, REPORT THEM DIRECTLY TO US (and not our hosting staff). We can not assure our receipt of any future correspondence with our hosting staff. To make this clear, you would email us by simply clicking the "contact" link directly on our website. Thank you.
> --Support Staff

Thank You. I will report any others by using your contact link.


03:16 pm

posted by rickrob

Thursday February 17, 2005

Even MORE illegal ads

So, if a job ad is run in another country, but it is for a job in the US, do US hiring laws apply?

If so, here is another illegal ad (please note the contact phone number:

Our company is one of the leading IT consulting and software development firm in the United States with offices in New Jersey and Minneapolis. We provide fully-integrated e-Business strategic consulting services and designs, develop and deploy custom Internet software solutions.

As a result of our rapid growth we are constantly searching for talented professionals in our IT segment with various skill sets. Presently we are looking to hire recent graduates (BS/MS) or someone with knowledge or background in a computer related field.

We are looking to hire full time employees in the field of Data Warehousing (Informatica), Tibco, SAS, Business Analysis, Siebel and Java.

We will also train the right candidate if the need arises. Please feel free to email me your resume at or call me at 215-260-8639 if you have any further queries.
Contact Name: Aeri
Posted Date: Feb 09 2005

Here is an ad from another bodyshop targetting California:

All State Consultants, Inc. invites H1B Consultants to join the group and save the maximum out of the paycheck.

All State Consultants, Inc. is a Newark, California based company in the business of providing good quality professional services through qualified consultants.

We have an in-house immigration facility (licensed with Secretary State of California) that can help you with all your immigration needs including H1 Transfer. Everything is laid out open and legal.

Transfer your H1 in safe hands and earn the maximum. If you come with your own project, we will keep Only $3 per hour from your payroll.

We are committed to serve you in Your best interest. Our concept is clear - we work as a team!! We strive to have a transparent and open relationship with clients/consultants.

Contact us and find out for yourself. Feel free to schedule an appointment or you can also call 510-742-1797 and ask for Rajan for more details.

All State Consultants, Inc.
37053 Cherry St,
Ste 112,
Newark, CA - 94560
Phone: (510) 742-1710, (510) 742-1797
Fax: (510) 217-9381

What's up with that y'all??

09:16 pm
Thursday February 17, 2005
posted by gmminks

More illegal job ads on

Yet another illegal job ad on This page on is very interesting. It's all about the services this recruiting company offers to H-1b visa holders.

Aren't H-1B visas only supposed to be used if an employer can't find a worker in the domestic labor pool? It's only [supopsedly] after the employer has determined that is no American who can do the required work that the employer looks to the labor pools of other countries. People aren't supposed to arrive here and then look for the job.

Strangely enough, this recruiting company holds at least 120 H-1B worker. In other words, Global IT Staffing is a body shop for IT workers. That means they hold visas and send the visa-workers out on temp jobs. These workers compete directly with American contractors. They place people at AOL, Netscape, HP, Microsoft, and Toyota, to name a few.

Why doesn't anyone do anything to stop this?

07:51 pm

posted by gmminks

Illegal Job Ad

It is illegal in the United States to discriminate in hiring based on national origin. This law protects everyone in the US, including Americans.

If you post a job ad and say you will only accept responses from people on temporary visa assignments, obviously you are saying that you will not hire an American citizen, as an American citizen would not qualify [or need] an H-1b visa.

Someone needs to tell Abacus, because they placed the following ad for a job in San Fransico:

Only H1 visa holders apply for this post

Title: Oracle / Java Developer
Skills: Java , Websphere, WSAD (Ver 5), Oracle , PL, SQL, Oracle reports, Pro*C applns, Stored procedures, Unix Shell scripting

Date: 1-10-2005
Location: San Francisco, CA
Area code: 415

Pay rate: market
Length: 12 months

Job description:
Pls rush resumes ASAP along with the rate and contact #.

Required Technical Skills * NewBizApplication Maintenance and Support:

* Bachelors or relevant degree in computers or information technology.
* WEB Based application design and implementation
* Hands-on experience in developing Web based Client Server Applications using Websphere and WSAD version 5, Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Reports and Oracle Pro*C applications.
* Experience in writing and analyzing Oracle stored procedures.
* Unix shell scripting experience will be a plus
* Working knowledge of Clear Case and Clear Quest a Plus
* Experience in the Worker's Compensation, Insurance, Financial Services etc. is desirable
* Good oral and written communication skills

Job description:
Web based JAVA /MVC/ J2EE and Oracle Client Server Application development and maintenance. Candidate will work closely with various other teams and organizations to review and implement changes based on business requirements. Day to day review and follow-up for issues along with system monitoring is required. Must be team oriented with ability to train others as job progresses.

* Maintain and enhance enterprise applications using JAVA /JSP Web interfaces in an Oracle 8/9 database environment.
* Work in a fast-paced team environment with focus on quality.
* Work on development and application enhancement projects with minimal supervision
* Day to day support and monitoring of all system upgrades and changes, along with problem resolution.
* Breadth of understanding of various systems require additional flexibility to support systems and projects as required.

* 3+ years of hands-on experience with projects in relevant technologies mentioned above.
* Hands-on experience in writing and maintaining JAVA and Oracle stored procedures for Web based applications. Pro*C and PL/SQL procedures.
* Exposure to multi-tiered development tools and methodologies,
* Good communication skills and the ability to interact with application

Special Benefits Include:

* Relocation Reimbursement by Company
* health insurance
* company contributed 401K
* employee profit sharing
* Four or more weeks time-off 1st year
* Will sponsor visa if not US citizen
* Independent contractors may respond
* Entry level applicants may respond


* No Telecommuting - must work all hours on-site
* Regional residents only (local or surrounding states)

Job Location(s):



Global IT Staffing

via">zazona's Job Destruction Newsletter

06:19 pm

posted by gmminks

Wednesday February 16, 2005

Senator Moore having office hours in Milford

Tomorrow, Thursday Feb 17 at town hall in Milford from 6-8.

Representative Parente has signed on as a co-sponser of Senator Hart's bill that would disallow sending state jobs overseas. Let's encourage Senator Moore to throw his full support behind this bill as well.

05:39 am
Wednesday February 16, 2005
posted by gmminks


Some real jerk put a site with this as the sole content:

Need some shit done for real cheap?
Tired of paying programmers $100/hour to sit on their ass and eat Krispe Kreme?
Hire an Indian!

Can't tell who put it up yet, because they are going thru a proxy to host their site:

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160 PMB353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
Registered through: (
Created on: 15-Mar-04
Expires on: 15-Mar-05
Last Updated on: 28-Apr-04
Administrative Contact:
Private, Registration
Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N Hayden Rd., Suite 160 PMB353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 United States
(480) 624-2599
Technical Contact: Private, Registration

I have a complaint in to the proxy service.
I'll let y'all know what happens.

To the folks in India that watch this site, this is the sort of stuff US techies deal with ALL.THE.TIME. We have to put up with this insane sterotype that Americans are lazy and won't work. Kinda like how people from India have to put up with sterotypes about eating pets and smelling like curry.

If you support the content of sites like, you are no better than the racists in the US that judge you by where you are from. And until we can stop that nonsense, the workers everywhere lose.

05:35 am

posted by gmminks

Monday February 14, 2005

Forrester CEO Comments on Offshoring

Forrester Research CEO George Colony had these comments when asked about offshoring in a recent interview.


Q: What about the trend of cutting IT costs by offshoring?

A: We spend a lot of time in India these days, and as it turns out, we think it's actually quite hard to do offshore right, to do it well. We've found it takes about 24 months from the point of decision for most companies to actually execute on offshore. So you can't just arrive in Mumbai and be up and running in two months. And we expect 50% of American companies will never do it.

Q: Fifty percent?

A: Fifty percent. That's for security reasons, for regulatory reasons. Fifty percent will never do it.

So, if it takes 24 months from decision to execution, then how much money does a company spend on offshoring during that time? Then, you have to get a return on that investment before you save any money. Maybe George is thinking offshoring doesn't seem like such a great thing anymore.

09:51 am
Monday February 14, 2005
posted by rickrob

Saturday February 12, 2005

Article 43

A blog called Article 43 carries of feed of this blog.

Article 43 is a memorial to the layed off workers of AT&T. Go check them out, esp if you are looking for employees. They have a resume section full of some very talented, yet discarded, former AT&T workers. The resume page also has some pretty good job hunting advice.

09:00 pm
Saturday February 12, 2005
posted by gmminks

Oh joy we are being linked to again

I have been slacking posting here. Sorry. I have been posting to the TechUnite's Yahoo Group, but I am so friggin busy at work that I hardly have time to clean my house.

So, I am being linked to from a blog called outsourcee. So it's from some guy (I guess it's a guy) who's pissed off that I can't spell. Anyone who knows me knows this is true....I am not ignorant I just don't use a spellchecker in this blog...well cuz I suck. I guess more ammunition for how much more capable people in every other country except America are. And, person who writes outsourcee, for the record, I don't consider workers anywhere my enemy. You obviously don't read a damn thing I write, except maybe the friggin spelling errors.

Outsourcing is not good for either country. One thing I learned in college is that information does not exist in a vacuum. If you take information out of the context in which it was created, it becomes different (new even) information.

When our infrastructure is removed to a foreign country, the context of the information changes, and it becomes something new. That is the nature of information. That is my problem with outsourcing.

08:43 pm

posted by gmminks

Friday February 4, 2005

Is Romney going to even investigate the Delta layoffs?

Delta Airlines is closing their Boston call center. They are closing an LA call center at the same time.

Supposedly this is a move to save money, as they are not bringing in enough revenue to stay in business. In fact, from now on if you purchase an airline ticket over the phone you are going to get charged $5.

But, hang on. Didn't Delta contract with Wipro in India to open new call centers there last year? According to this CNN article, Delta has a 1,000-seat call center in India.

So, will Governor Romney make this connection? Will he be able to see that these jobs were not eliminated, they were just removed from this country?

07:20 am
Friday February 4, 2005
posted by gmminks

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